Friday, September 04, 2009

Moar J-Snackage

Got a nice little haul of snacks and a few "wacky Japanese" items as J-List would say.
Received 4 flavors of Hi-Chew, including 2 that are "祭り" Matsuri, or festival flavors. One is Candy Apple & the other is Cotton Candy. Both taste like flavors I've already had (i.e. - apple) but the one big difference about these was the fact that they had bits of brown sugar in them!
I don't know if you can see them in the pics, but the bits of brown sugar are there, and it is definitely real, granular, sweet brown sugar. ^^
Got some Japanese Cheetos as well (regular flavor, I know I got the Salami & Cheese ones last week that I have yet to eat). Apparently Chester Cheetah was "born" February 21st 1986, to spread Cheetos across the world. If you believe Japanese packaging 100%. =P
These were "Cheetos Mix", and surprisingly there were 2 entirely different kinds of Cheeto in there. They should bring these abroad, I think they'd be quite popular. The long ones tasted like normal Cheetos, slightly spiced (both have what the package describes as "red pepper" in them) and the paw-shaped ones are actually more like a cross between a Frito and a Dorito - also "red pepper"-y.