Friday, December 31, 2010

Castlevania 8-bit Sprite Pins & Straps

A set of pins of the 8-bit sprites of Trevor Belmont & Simon Belmont from Castlevania 2 & 3, respectively. Also, a strap of the holy water & cross power-ups from Castlevania 1.

Moicho Netsuke Straps もい鳥ねつけストラップ

Monster Hunter Straps モンハンストラップ

Doulex Pocket Lamp

A cute little pocket-sized rectangle with a lightbulb-looking piece of plastic inlaid. When you pop it up, a tiny LED springs into action, lighting it like a, well, lightbulb.

Kapibara-san 5th Anniversary Mascot Strap カピバラさん5周年マスコットクリーナー

Doratch 2010 ドラッチ 2010


Perhaps the most impulsive buy I've ever made, these limited edition (I know) Doraemon watches - or Doratch - come out every year and have been since the mid-90s. There are actually multiple editions lately, and this year had wind-up & battery-powered editions. I chose the wind-up one. ^^ This edition is based off of the anniversaries of the Doraemon manga & anime respectively. When wound, the anime & manga versions of Doraemon high five, or "high touch", the seconds away through a little portal on the back of the watch, which I adore. There are also visible moving parts on the front, including a sun & moon/day & night dial, with Doraemon's face on it. It came in a cute box with a neat case shaped like Doraemon's head. ^^;

Ape Escape Running Plush! 走れ、ピポサル!

Picked this cute little guy up from for a mere $7.99! He's awesome, and you can see him running the video below, though I wish he ran in circles like in the game. ^^;

Super Mario Bros ? Block Sound Plush スーパーマリオ音声付ぬいぐるみハテナブロック

One Coin Figure Hetalia -Round 2- ワンコインフィギュア ヘタリア -まるかいて2周目-

Second series of the Hetalia One Coin figures. Took em long enough! =P Even cuter than the last set, especially Canada hugging the bear!

Mobile Suit Gundam Alarm Clock MS-06S Char's Zaku MS-06S アラームクロック シャアザク

Queen's Blade Tomoe Nendoroid クイーンズブレイドねんどろいど トモエ

Much like the Touhou series of Nendos, the Queen's Blade series marches forward with this release of Tomoe. Dressed in a Miko-like theme, she's fairly typical as far as accessories/stand/etc go.