Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sailor Moon Crystal Cafe Sweets Collection 5

Today's "Crystal Cafe Special" is 'Chibiusa ala mode'.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Sailor Moon Crystal Cafe Sweets Collection 4

More Sailor Moon Crystal Cafe. Today's order is 'Sailor Jupiter Cherry Pie'. I like the tiny creamer pitcher with her sailor suit/colors emblazoned on it. I will be posting the remainder, so stay tuned and enjoy! Still available here at the time of this writing.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Sailor Moon Crystal Cafe Sweets Collection 3

Another Sailor Moon Crystal Cafe set. Today it's 'Sailor Moon Parfait', complete with Luna and Sailor Moon ice cream scoops, and a Luna silhouette cup. I will be posting the remainder, so stay tuned and enjoy! Still available here at the time of this writing.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sailor Moon Crystal Cafe Sweets Collection 2

More from the Sailor Moon Crystal Cafe. Very cute series. This time it's 'Sailor Mercury Soda Jelly'. I will be posting the remainder later. Enjoy! Still available here at the time of this writing.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sailor Moon Crystal Cafe Sweets Collection 1

This is the 'Sailor Venus Pancake Plate', from the Sailor Moon Crystal Cafe Sweets Collection by Re-Ment. Very cute series. I will be posting more, later on. Still available here at the time of this writing.

Aaaaaaaaand We're Back...

I can't imagine that anyone is still reading this blog, as not many people read it before I hadn't posted in a two-year span, when it was still active, haha. I originally started this blog in 2006 because, why not? Everyone else was doing it at the time. I didn't post too much right off the bat, but by mid-2006, a lot of my friends had left town for greener pastures, and my social life pretty much evaporated over the course of one summer. This led to a deep depression and lots more time spent online.

Eventually, this ended up at me frequenting different online communities, and using this blog more and more to talk about things I was interested in at the time. At the time, I thought I was really interested in "otaku culture", wasting all of my time and money on it for a good two years. This was just a symptom of being depressed and not wanting to deal with real life: not having relationships, any satisfying job or career, and casting my real interests aside for the stupidest of reasons. It was a completely shallow, ridiculous "hobby" and the only reason I think I took it on was because I felt like crap about myself, and "unworthy" of my former interests. It was a slippery slope, because I was so interested in Japanese culture, games and UFO catcher/Gashapon/Game Centers for so long, it felt like I was just getting into another legitimate part of it. I was wrong.

It eventually became elucidated to me that it was nearly all just perversion, albeit later than I'd like to admit. But there was a saturation point for a realist like myself. For as gradually as I slumped into the world of "moe" and weeaboo-tainted crap, I snapped out of it very suddenly. There was a time when anime with vaguely-interesting-but-barely-cohesive stories broke down into total garbage whose key frames were the only things holding moaning, scantily clad animated females together. Then came the "daughters" and "waifu" and crap, and I was out. Socially arrested "men" showcasing their "daughters" (dolls that are a foot or two tall, that cost thousands of dollars) is the stop where I get off. Unfortunately, the chunk of life that this crap and the depression took were prime years - I'd say part of 26 through around 29. The majority of my posts so far are from that period of time.

Then, around 2010 I got a new job, and spent the majority of my time offline, eschewing Facebook and Twitter - the latter of which I spent nearly all of my time on in 2009. My posts got a lot fewer and farther between, and mainly consisted of pictures of stuff I bought. Then, in 2012 my PC bit the dust, literally. The case I bought was clear lucite, and poorly made. It was open and unsealed in several spots; and though it lasted around 6 years, the air filtration kinda sucks in here, and dust gathered to the point where it looked no worse visibly, but I guess choked the fan and the heatsink stopped working properly, the thermal paste dried up, and my processor died.

So, rather than build another mediocre PC, I just wound up getting an iPad. Which wasn't the worst choice in the world, but the blogger apps available for it were atrocious. The default app by blogger is terrible, and the only good third-party app stopped working with blogger's API about a month into me having downloaded it. Not to mention that the simplest things - like inserting pictures - were still remarkably difficult to format in a consistent way. So due to this, and the fact that not many people were reading about my niche interests of video game opinions, Japanese auctions and vinyl toys in the first place, I basically gave up.

Then came 2015. Some two and a half years later, I've built another rig, and intend on reviving this blog with my actual interests and positivity. I hope to see you around!

PS - I still absolutely love Japan and I still like anime, so don't take anything I've said about weeb-y stuff as me bashing either one of those things in general. The disingenuously creepy, gross, cultureless stuff is what I'm denouncing. That, and things that are marketed by assbags that like to try and build a brand on their daddy's money, or exploit people's interests to make a quick buck. You know who you are.

Secret of Mana Nintendo Power Snippet

This was the reason I loved Nintendo Power: random art from Japanese game magazines, manuals and such. I knew that was the source, then, but there was no internet to browse, where people had scanned every page of every book ever. So, I was reliant on waiting by the mailbox to see new Japanese-y art on full display.