Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What a Sad First Post

Things I bought this week:

- Charcoal Soap

- Kabaya Engi-Do Honpo Mascot Key Chain w/ Cookies

- Walkie-Bits Pineapple

- Fuwarinka Gum -- Rose Flavor

- Fuwarinka Lemon Soft Candy

- Lotte Roasted Coffee Gum

- Nintendo Strap -- Legend of Zelda ~ Famicom

- Thanko USBPAD00G USB P@D Aroma Generator

- Super Mario : Flash Plate - 01 Controller

- Super Mario : Flash Plate - 02 Ending

- Keroro Gunsou Amazing Mechanism Set of 5

- Super Mario Sound Drop Set of 8

- Kuchiki Byakuya Nuigurumi

- A really awesome Space Invaders Cocktail-Style Handheld Game

- A Luigi and Link 8-bit keychain

and finally

- This awesome little number, with written kanji recognition! You use the stylus to write the kanji on the screen, and I'm told this technology has made strides over its last iteration recently.