Thursday, June 23, 2011

Petit Chara Land One Piece Mugiwara Pirates in Wonderland Tea Party ぷちきゃらランドシリーズ ワンピース 不思議のティーパーティin麦わらの一味

Megahouse seems to have a fixation with pairing up licensed series with Wonderland, but they do it well, so I have no complaints. Gin-san and company were subject to this mashup a few months ago and I loved that set, so when I saw the One Piece cast + donuts + Wonderland, I snatched up a box. Everyone has that Victorian style, there are certain characters in chairs that come with table pieces to complete the tea party effect, along with chara like Sanji serving. A very cute set overall! I particularly like the way Usopp is done, Chopper and Robin are cute, too. Brook is kinda awesome looking as well, but he's kinda "side-heavy" and even though they give you a cane to prop him up with on the back of his chair, it doesn't sit in there very well and he winds up falling over. I finally got him to stay by some miracle (and tilting him a bit), but it was super annoying to get right.

This Month's Nendoroids 今月のねんどろいど新着

A new month means new Nendos! This month's haul consists of a pair of Bakuman Nendos, a new Queen's Blade Nendo - Aldra - and Hideyoshi from BakaTest. Aldra's eye gimmick is really cool, Hideyoshi comes with his Shokanjuu, and the whole desk setup that comes with Moritaka is fairly unique and interesting.

One Coin Grande Figure Collection Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Ancient Duel!! ワンコイングランデフィギュアコレクション 遊☆戯☆王デュエルモンスターズ 古の決闘(ディアハ)!!

The second set of One Coin Grande Yugioh figures to come down the pipeline from Kotobukiya. It has some really cool additions this time, including Black Magician Girl and Blue Eyes White Dragon. Another cool One Coin set that I obviously had to have.

Touhou Project 1/8 Hakurei Reimu - Nemu Matsukura Ver. - 東方1/8博麗 霊夢

Another Kotobukiya release like last month's 1/8 Marisa Kirisame. She is definitely well-sculpted and plenty gorgeous. I love everything about this figure, the pose, the coloring, the face, even the base is great. Her Miko outfit is well-done, and her geta are really cool, too.

NEW Super Mario Bros. Wii Sound Bank ニュースーパーマリオブラザーズWiiサウンドバンク

These are kinda neat, if not all gimmick. First, the banks are super small and only hold a few coins. Second, the box makes a point of stating that only up to 100yen coins fit inside - specifically 500yen coins don't fit. Anyway, when you insert a coin, a little lever in the slot is pressed and a noise from the game is made. It lists a specific sound in a little icon by each block's picture, and while each one does produce one sound unique to it, each makes some of the same sounds, it's strange, but cool. My only real gripe is that the images aren't printed on the blocks, they're stickers affixed to the front, which makes them look a little cheap. Overall, though, they're neat little conversation pieces.