Saturday, October 16, 2010

Keroro, MonHun, Index, Kirby & More: Play-Asia Loot

My last catch-up post is my package that I received from Play-Asia yesterday. Normally, I only buy full boxes or full sets of trading figures, shokugan, gashapon, etc. But occasionally I'll want something a little bit, where I won't want to spend money on a whole box, the item is sold out elsewhere & only available in piecemeal, or that a full box is so expensive that buying just a few pieces satisfies my want/curiosity. Also, most places (at least online) don't break cases/boxes of stuff. I haven't really done this in like 2-3 years, because I generally have streamlined what I want to buy at this point in time, but I'll occasionally go and browse at Play-Asia, where they do sell individual, blind boxed figures.

They also seem to sell things that either aren't available at other sites (like Game Center prizes) or that other sites simply seem not to carry. For instance, the Rainbow Dora Mascots & the Kirby plushes above are from Taito's Game Center prize collection. And the One Coin figures, I liked the series, but didn't want to spend like $50 + $25 shipping on a box of them. The Index figures, I actually wanted to order a box, but they were something like $80 for a box when they released in August this year, so I ordered 3 of them. They're doing a re-release of this set, but at a lower price, so I actually went and preordered it since the price dropped. The other ones were pretty much the same deal, unavailable elsewhere or whatnot.

Japanese Snacks

Got some snacks from NapaJapan this week, as well. Including some yummy Satsuma Imo (sweet potato) sticks, Maple Butter Caramel Corn, Blue Hawaii Hi-Chew & my favorite, Maple Sugar Copan!

Doraemon, Kitty, Mameshiba: Strapya Loot

Some really eclectic & CUTE stuff here, via Strapya World. Alpaca Kitty, Badtz Maru, Doraemon, Dorayaki, Doraemon as Daibutsu, Ninja Kitty, Kitty riding a dragon with an Omamori, Talking Taiyaki, Gloomy Bear headphones that helped me discover I have uneven ear canals, Talking Hanshin Tigers Mameshiba, squishy popular Japanese food mascots & more! I always manage to find something new at Strapya everytime I visit, so if you're into cute stuff, go go go!