Monday, October 10, 2011

WWR World War Robot Large Martin Big Red Colorway & WWR Book

Another Large Martin colorway, this time a broad contrast to the drab brown and rust and green of the last one I got. Also snagged the book all of these toys are based on, off of Amazon. I gotta say, it was really cheap - $23.95 - especially considering it's an art book and it's the collected works (the original spanned 2 volumes, and this condensed version contains an extra few pages of art + story) of both volumes, hardbound. Some of Ashley Wood's stuff is just great, but there are a few in here that I could barely make out what was supposed to be in the painting, like an amorphous blob sometimes. Stories were entertaining, too.

Seahope Scope Watch シーホープのSCOPE腕時計

I am overjoyed by this watch. I'll just throw it out there from the start. The craftsmanship is ridiculous, the design is ridiculous. What the Kisai Satellite I previously posted about is to looking sci-fi-y, this watch is to looking like an action hero or secret agent. Much like most of the watches I buy, this one has a unique look to it, but Eleeno/Seahope takes uniqueness to a new level.

The way you view the time is on a grid, where horizontal is 5 minute intervals, vertical is the hour and then the "scope" at the top lights up with 4 individual LEDs showing one for every 1 minute. Another awesome thing simply built-in to the watch face is, the 'O' in 'SCOPE' sets the time/date. Again, yes, it's "complicated" and you have to do some addition, and yes, it isn't "always on", because then the battery would be depleted very quickly and you'd miss out on the cool animation when you beseech your wrist oracle for the time, but I think it's well worth it. Actually, my only real beef with it was that the button on the front was odd/hard to press and when you're setting the time you only have about 4 seconds before it resets back to non-setting regular watch mode. I had to wrestle with it for a good 20 mins when I got it out of the box. It was actually easier to remove the links I needed to remove to make it fit my wrist, which is no mean feat. All in all though, this has become my favorite watch thus far, and I can wear it casually, and it looks good when you're dressed up, too, so bonus points for that.