Sunday, April 15, 2007

I promised an update, and an update is whatcha got. First on the block is an awesome エヴァンゲレオン ラメン bowl, that, when you get to the bottom it says: "Visual Confirmation of the Bottom Obtained. Meal Complete." Then we have a Gintama Yunomi cup and Tsukimi (moon viewing) Sake set. And barely visible to the left a D. Gray Man tall, slender glass. Man, I love anime tableware, I love anything that takes something practical and makes it fun (even though I never use them, lol). Anyway, enjoy!


銀魂 totally rocks, and is perfect for marketing apparently.

You can barely see the image on the D. Gray Man glass, and also white on sakura color for the Gintama set is also not readily visible -_-; but I assure you they're both awesome! (Closeups to come when I get a better digicam, soon, sooooooon....)

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