Monday, May 05, 2008

The Giant TV Cometh

So I got a giant 40" Samsung flat-panel HD LCD TV yesterday, and now my living space's, er space, is even more at a premium than it was before.

Started putting stuff on the ceiling due to space constrictions on the walls.
Even the ぬいぐるみ have felt the crunch.... =P
Keroro heads hanging above. They look pretty cool swaying in the breeze. In case you're curious, they were capsules for figures, and the coolest capsules I've ever seen at that.
All of these pens smell like something, cept for the bottom one. From the top, scents include: Ramune, Cola, Orange, Animal Biscuit (which is especially sweet), and finally Curry. Yes, a Chicken Curry scented marker. And it never fails to make my hungry. ^^;

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jonhohx said...

any pics of your monstaer lcd tv?