Sunday, October 12, 2008

zomg Phatty Lewts

Figma Kagamin looking really cute. I thought I wouldn't like her that much and would just be buying her for the sake of "completeness", but she's grown on me. The Hiiragi twins actually look a lot better than Konata, which is just a shame.

Yoko by Eye-Up, whom I've never heard of before this and the 1/7 Kamina they made last month. She's really gorgeous, and such a good sculpt, but the first thing everyone notices is her mouth. I have a piece of 2-D art that she's based on, and the mouth looks good to me by comparison. Everyone else seems to hate on it.

*berates self for using WoWspeak* So yeah, I feel that no time soon will I return to blogging. I've sorta lost interest in Danny's site because pretty much everyone there just wants to look at 2-D tits and well, 3-D tits, and that was my main motivation for writing. (The site's general interests, not tits) Secondly, I still have piles upon piles of things to sell off on ebay. Interesting side note: I did have someone from China try several times to spoof my info by buying a crappy SNES game I was trying to unload and then insisting that I "join Paypal" and even sent me a spoof e-mail from "Paypal". I got a few new things last week, or two weeks ago, or something.

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