Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Choro Q/Q Steer Showroom

The thing on the right is a solar-powered turntable that perpetually rotates the car ^^

I was also pretty surprised by the fact that the Lamborghini was an officially licensed Lambo product.


Renjishiro said...

Great collection.

I have q steer subaru wrx, skyline, fairlady, Mazda 6, Mazda 7. Wanted to buy nissan gtr and evo x bt then lost interest by then. hahaha

Karasu-kun said...

Yeah, they're awesome but I don't play with them (or should I say have a big flat surface on which to drive them) enough to warrant paying so much for them. And the rechargeable batteries on the new ones make them more expensive than the old ones (which I like more anyway because they have a tiny controller). But yeah, I don't wanna say they wind up looking the same by the time you have 6-7 of them, but they do look kinda similar side-by-side.