Saturday, October 16, 2010

Griffon Enterprises Touhou Project Sakuya Izayoi & Remilia Scarlet 1/7 Special Edition

These two were expensive, but (overall) worth it. I say "overall" in parentheses because, I buy cheaper figures and they're well-painted, have nice transfers as far as eyes/facial features/clothing patterns, etc, and these are very well sculpted & conceived. However, Sakuya came with white showing through on a black part of her dress and Remilia had a small scratch on the paint on the features of her dress as well. Now, when I buy an $80 figure, I shouldn't have to do a "paint n scuff" with a black Sharpie to fix a blemish right out of the box. Griffon Enterprises makes a good product, but insofar as price versus quality, I think the quality should match the concept phase's idea if you're planning on charging $70~$80 for one figure.

They're both 1/7 scale & "Special Editions" - in Sakuya's case a color swap of a previous figure & I'm fairly certain that Remilia doesn't have "another version", just this one, but the Gungnir weapon and her pose are really cool.

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