Friday, March 04, 2011

More Kyoro-chan Loot (and Other Mascot Goods) もっと沢山キョロちゃんの宝もん

More recent acquisitions from Goody-Japan's YHJA proxy bidding service. Got a lot of little Kyoro-chans from a recycle shop's auctions. A good deal, nearly all you see in the first image for only 1000 yen! Most are straps that had like animal "outfits" on or whatever, I pulled the doubles out of their suits so I could have an army of little Kyoros on my shelves.

I also (finally) got some Tohato mascot items. I love their products and their mascots (especially Bakkun, the Habanero Snack mascot), and I knew that they made plushes based on their mascot chara, but I had no idea that they had nifty little Gashapon until I just searched YHJA for the very basic, 'Tohato' and 'habanero', respectively. The straps that look rectangular are meant to be bags filled with little plastic "snacks" that you can see if you look in the back. (I couldn't get a good shot of them) The ones that look like cartons pull up in the center, and reveal a chain of snacks looped by a rubberband/nylon cord. Especially neat are the Habanero Snack and Biscuit Snack keychains, as they have a tiny version of their mascot inside, peeking out over the top of the bag/carton thingy.

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