Thursday, January 17, 2013


I'll be so glad when this "it's hip to be a nerd" fad passes. The latest salvo of stupidity fired is this awful looking reality show on TBS called King of the Nerds, to air in a tie up with their 1000-times-a-week syndicated showings of CBS' dreadful The Big Bang Theory. Why do I hate this fad, that show, and the stupidass reality show premiering this week? Well, you needn't look any further than one of the contestants on King of the Nerds. There's a girl on the commercial that has pink hair, and upon seeing her, I said, I guarantee you this girl is a poseur gamer. Bingo. She is. And what do poseur girl gamers play? WORLD OF WARCRAFT! Of course.

This drove me to distraction when I went around with the otaku set, and it bugs the shit out of me now. This girl plays one or two games, pretends to like "retro" or classic games, or Pokemon or Maple Story or whatever game or game that has message boards or forums devoted to it, where she can be an attention whore and whip attention-starved boys into a frenzy over her "unique" look and attitude. I call bullshit on it. It's disingenuous. And this girl will win this stupid contest on this equally stupid show, because the show will be disingenuous, too. A quick glance at all of her online bullshit, like her "vlog" (yeah, you don't want attention, why not just make a fucking podcast?) she has a variation of that stupidly antagonizing line that all poseurs use: "yeah, I'm that kinda nerd, judge me."

Like most people that haven't committed a crime, don't feel the need to say "I'm innocent," most nerds don't feel the need to proclaim so in the first sentence of introducing themselves. Just be honest with yourself, you're an insecure person that seeks out attention that just happens to like playing one or two video games. If you didn't have breasts, you'd be just another pale fat/skinny dude playing in the time sink, gearing up your Belf Pally to raid with 24 other milquetoasts. I've known many girl gamers, or girls that can be one of the guys, it's nothing special or rare, really. You burp? WOW! I didn't know girls could do that! You chat casually about things and make vaguely playful sexual innuendo with the guys? HOLY SHIT! Again, you're a tease because you crave followers of your "unique" lifestyle. She says as much in the commercial, that she has an online following.

I partially understood this with anime/manga otaku. Anime and manga and eroge can be (and often times are) really shallow and just based on sexual conquest for repressed nerdy dudes that have perverse or unrealistic expectations about what a woman should be; a thinly veiled genre story that is little more than fetish porn. And that's the way that the real girls trended. I honestly can't even remember the name of the one girl from here in the US, but she basically went on YouTube and spoke totally elementary Japanese phrases in a cutesy voice and looked vaguely like an underage moe girl. Another was Applemilk, also of YouTube, that was a total poseur, but somehow ingratiated herself into the otaku community because her mommy and daddy bought her a trip to Japan for getting all Cs in high school chemistry or something, and she wound up making AVs (the acronym for "adult videos" in Japan, for the uninitiated). But with gaming, I almost expect more from gamers.

I'm not saying you can't look unique, I'm not saying you can't be a woman and love games, I'm not saying any of that. But when you're basically whoring yourself out because you have an unending thirst for attention, get over yourself, do everyone a favor and play games on your own time.

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