Thursday, October 17, 2013

Japanese Snacks, etc

Got a small load of snacks and junk from J-List today, including the unfortunately-named, yet really yummy Maple flavored Collon.

Jagarico potato sticks (じゃがいも jagaimo means potato, or just plain 芋 imo) in lemon pepper flavor. The regular 'salt flavor' is really Goodall I love lemon pepper seasoning, so I figured I'd try some.

Holoholone Dolce is what the box says, they're supposedly honey apple flavored, so again, I figured I'd give em a whirl.

The Penguin? (Yes, the product has the '?' In the name, because it's supposed to be a Kappa but it sorta looks like a cute penguin) from San-X's Sumikko Gurashi, or "Things Living in the Corner" line. I really wanted a Tonkatsu one (it resembles a hamster, or Diglett from the original Kanto Pokemon series) but alas, it sold out before I was able to grab it. He's a coin pouch, but he'll prolly end up with my other Sanrio/San-X stuff on my non-book bookshelf.

And lastly, a Sasara pen (yeah, I've never heard of em, either) that is a collaborative effort with Lipton, that is scented like tea. There are a bunch, lemon, black, berry, peach, but I went for the OG.







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