Sunday, April 15, 2007

I promised an update, and an update is whatcha got. First on the block is an awesome エヴァンゲレオン ラメン bowl, that, when you get to the bottom it says: "Visual Confirmation of the Bottom Obtained. Meal Complete." Then we have a Gintama Yunomi cup and Tsukimi (moon viewing) Sake set. And barely visible to the left a D. Gray Man tall, slender glass. Man, I love anime tableware, I love anything that takes something practical and makes it fun (even though I never use them, lol). Anyway, enjoy!


銀魂 totally rocks, and is perfect for marketing apparently.

You can barely see the image on the D. Gray Man glass, and also white on sakura color for the Gintama set is also not readily visible -_-; but I assure you they're both awesome! (Closeups to come when I get a better digicam, soon, sooooooon....)

Friday, April 13, 2007

I have a ton of crap I have to post yet, I haven't really felt like posting lately, I know hardly anyone reads this at this stage and everytime I take pictures I'm reminded that I need to buy a new digital camera very, very badly. Here are a few from a few weeks back when I got a set of toy boozes, called みんなでカンパイ!Notice Captain Afro on the ripoff of KFC, it took me forever to realize that it could be interpreted as a racist thing, black guy, fried chicken mascot, huh? Huh? I especially love the Lucha Libre beer Corona ripoff, with the masked wrestler logo (my crappy digicam doesn't do details that well -_-;). I got more swag from Animaxis this week, including Light and L dolls from Death Note that are just awesome, 灼眼のシャナ メロンパン pillow, a huge エヴァンゲレオンラメン bowl, a D. Gray Man etched glass, er, glass, and 銀魂ゆのみ&月見セット。I love how it's Shonen Jump, but they sell sake sets, a glass that looks like it's for a fuzzy navel and the existing D. Gray Man glass that I have that looks like it's for a highball. Even though I love Gintama and D. Gray Man a lot more than Eva (which I also love, to be fair), the ramen bowl has to be the coolest thing I've gotten in a long time. I honestly thought that I'd never see one for sale, as I saw them someplace else and they were sold out for a long time even then. So I can only assume that they made another production run of these, or that there was a box of them sitting somewhere that Animaxis forgot about em =P. I'll post piccys of these soon, but I'm tired now, so another day for sure.

Lotsa toy booze, some pizza, snacks, etc. From the picture they're not terribly impressive, but up close they're really neat.

Megafry Chicken, with Captain Afro mascot.

All assembled, with the Luchadore beer ^^;

Megafry and Lucha Libre cerveza, deconstructed.