Thursday, November 13, 2008

Robocco (aka - Beerbot) In Action!

Robocco came yesterday and apparently wasn't cold enough to dispense drinks until today. ^^; Yes, the robot will not dispense drinks until the temperature inside is around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you try and make it pour one before the temperature is correct, it will tell you politely, "The temperature isn't correct, please wait a while." Ah even Japanese robots are polite. I've posted a few videos of him pouring, the american cans are not the right size so he has a little problem opening them sometimes. I'll post one full video of a successful pour later.


Mimi said...

Kawaii!!! >.<


DreamTheFuture said...

cool but haha Mountain Dew??!!

Karasu-kun said...

Rofl yeah, I buy my beer on the outside. (i.e. - I'm a social drinker) ><;