Thursday, March 26, 2009

I think I overbought...

I was given a bottle of this just as something to drink a little while back, and it was delicious. There's also an orange flavor that has like rose hip in it or something, that also rocks. So what did I spy with my little eye when I went to Target with Laura the other day? A big sale for a dollar a bottle! What's up now economy?! At any rate, I bought about a dozen and I'm getting tired of somes pear. Which is what it should be called, I can't even taste any apple in it. Perhaps I'll let the remaining stock take up valuable fridge real estate and drink the rest when the inside of my mouth no longer tastes like a pear.

...On the other hand, off to the left is a "Fuyu gentei", or winter limited, version of white choco potato snacks that I wish I had a case of now. =P

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