Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nendoroid Zange-chan 来た!

I was a bad "recovering otaku" last week and decided when I got Hobby Search's weekly restock mail, to order Zange-chan from Kannagi. I have a total weakness for all things Nendoroid, and Kannagi's art style is so cute. *ahem* I debated buying this, because I'm really, REALLY not a fan of western religion, so the cross/habit was kind of a turn-off. But, while Zange-chan's hairpin cross doesn't come off, her necklace is removable (and breakable ^^). Besides, how could anyone resist that face? (Those faces?)

She is typical of a Goodsmile product, very clean, smooth lines, well-textured, sturdy in construction, etc. And speaking of sturdy, I think GSC has FINALLY found a way to keep the head-heavy 'droids from falling on their faces/backs! (And occasionally smudging the paint on the backs of their heads and pissing me off! ^^;) The newer stand included with Zange has a Revoltech-type joint that a butt-supporting base sits on, and that flexibility makes all of the difference, really. I know it's a stupid thing to be so ecstatic about, but when I pick her up she doesn't wobble, her stand doesn't fall off of her body if I pick her up by her head, it's amazing! \^o^/

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