Sunday, August 30, 2009

Small Hauls

Got a small haul or two from J-List and Strapya World this Saturday. I'll let these (captioned) pictures speak for themselves.

The entire little Strapya package lootMy favorite of the bunch was this Melonpan-chan strap ^^
Kabocha-chan and Wasabi-kun (kabocha means pumpkin)
Mikan-chan bell (mikan means tangerine)Capybara-san (Capybara are the largest species of rodent in existence)
Made by the same company as Capybara-san,Iwaya, this is Moichou. This item is a cellphone stand, but I use it for my iPod Touch. It fits perfectly!
And this one toddles along when you wind it up
Megahouse is really the master of gimmicky toys, this seemingly-edible Tirol chocolate transforms into...
...a really innocuous looking robot. Salami & Cheese flavored Cheetos? Hell yes! Don't these seem like a flavor that would be available in North America?
Cheese Pretz. Not much more to say beyond that.
The oddly-named Mike Popcorn. This flavor happens to be Green Tea & Salt.Japanese Pringles, in this case Mayo & Cheese Potato flavor....and Spicy Chicken Flavor. Again, why are these flavors not released here?
A mug from Doki-Doki Majo Shinpan, a series of ecchi games for the Nintendo DS. Unusually enough SNK (yes, *that* SNK) makes these games.

I love the art style on this mug, I used to have a oppai mousepad of the character in the first photo but sold it to get a Yoko (from Gurren Lagann) oppai mousepad. =P

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Argyle Bolivar said...

aww The mikan keychain is soo cute~!! ^^ XDD :P