Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chara Fortune Series

I love this series of figures or whatever you want to call them. Even the company that produces them - Megahouse - has called them different names over time. Some series are called Chara Fortune (キャラ・フォチューン), some have been called uranai which also means fortune-telling (占い) and that's all I can remember off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure there were others.

Anyway, these have been done in different styles and sizes as well. The Bleach sets of these deviated from the "normal"-looking sets (see the picture of the Naruto ones), by making them look less super-deformed and more like chibi-versions of their anime/manga counterparts. Ditto the Dragon Ball Kai ones I have posted here, fully featured faces and bodies, as opposed to the blocky body that the normal versions have.

This time I ended up getting two sets of Chara Fortune figures, Naruto and Dragon Ball Kai (as mentioned above =P). The Naruto set is of the same design as all of the "normal" sets, as I mentioned already, but when comparing size to, say, the Gintama sets which are also normal in design, the Naruto set is like 1.25 times bigger. The Dragon Ball Kai ones are fully-featured chibi'd out figures like the Bleach sets, but smaller. I have to say that the DB Kai series is actually my favorite so far. Normally I think anything featuring Freeza is gay-looking and ridiculous, but even Freeza looks kinda cute/cool this time, ditto Bulma and Gohan in a suit.

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