Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Space Configuration Part 1

I'm in the process of reconfiguring the living space once again, this time gaining three Ikea shelves in favor of the two pachinko machines that were there before. I was kind of iffy about replacing the pachinkos with plain old shelves because the pachinko machines were so colorful and added a symmetry to the shelves that already existed there. However, neither has been plugged in for a long while and with them being off, they're a lot less flashy and just look like lifeless plastic monoliths now. (The reason being: this place has old wiring, I have a full plug strip plugged into each of the 3 outlets in the room so I'm not pressing my luck & offloaded the unnecessaries)

Things have been shaping up rather well, and while it's still a work-in-progress, I'll be visually cataloging it (fancy way of saying, "I'll be taking pictures.") as I go. It has kind of started to look like a shop of some sort, with shelves full of well-organized figures/goods being everywhere. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this visual tour of the work in progress and the eventual finished product! I'll be posting piece by piece, closeups of what I'm working on. Surprisingly, getting everything just right in even a smaller space such as this, takes quite a while (the design phase and making everything look just right takes up most of the time, the actual physical setup is a small percentage of the time taken). As well, I've been getting an influx of new things in the past week or so, so adding onto what I've already rebuilt is a big part of the process now, too.

First up: I've reconfigured my Animal Crossing village, now occupying one shelf instead of two, with a little added space to expand into. Pics follow:


Anonymous said...

what is the box/thingy that says POW

Karasu-kun said...

It's a Mario Bros POW Block Speaker from the crazy blitz of Famicom 20th anniversary merch they released in Japan in/around 2005.