Friday, March 26, 2010

What's In My Desk?

Opened up my desk drawer after almost completely forgetting what was in a few of the drawers. In this drawer I have: 2 Pacman meishi (name/business card) cases, a Pizza-La tin with Pizza-La-kun on it (and a NERV dogtag and Parappa the Rapper pins inside, and a Shakugan no Shana flame ring), a copy of Parasite Eve in Japanese, a Hello Kitty tin with various Japanese pens inside including Afro Ken, Elite Banana, Nyanko & Kogepan as well as one that smells like curry and one that smells like Tabekko Animal Biscuits, a fude pen, a journal I keep my Japanese package clippings scrapbooked in, a box filled with awesome & decorated on the outside, a Galaga light & sound xmas ornament, a Totoro pencase with a bunch of different colors of Sharpies inside and finally 2 Egyptian, handmade boxes I got from an "exotics" shop run by a self-proclaimed "treasure hunter".

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