Thursday, July 08, 2010

Kidrobot Futurama Collection

I recently got nearly every Kidrobot Futurama figure that I wanted. I started collecting these a month or two ago and I think they were released last year. As with all "art toys" they purposefully have an offset ratio, where a few figures are 1/16 (16 being the number in a case), some that most consider "undesirable" are 2/16 and then there are the "chase figures" which are Sal & Slurms MacKenzie. And then there's the 1/96 Robot Devil going for around $100 on ebay.

I wound up buying 8 blind boxes and amazingly only got one double (2 Nibblers) out of them. But I cheated - after getting the majority of the characters I wanted, as well as the ones I didn't really want so much, I decided to resort to ebay for Dr. Zoidberg (who is supposedly 1/16 ratio, but I, all of my friends and my friend's office never got a-one) and Lrrr. I figured it was more prudent to pay twice the price of a blind box (Zoidberg was $23US & Lrrr was like $17US) to be sure I got the figures I wanted. Plus it balanced out because I got the chase figure I wanted while buying the blind boxes - Slurms. (I actually had to look up who Sal was - even though I had an idea - and I have no idea why they didn't make Hermes or the Professor a figure in lieu of Sal. Really, Sal?!)

Anyway, so here's my lineup. I was going to buy Leela, but I didn't like the sculpt of her face, so I think my collection is complete as it stands, unless someone decides to gift me a Leela. (or Robot Devil =P) I'd say my two luckiest random gets were Slurms and Bender.

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