Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Loot Day: Good Smile Misaka Mikoto & Nintendo Game & Watch Octopus

Today's new arrivals: a debatably 1/8 scale figure of Misaka Mikoto from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun and a new Game & Watch: Octopus!

Let's start with Misaka Misaka, shall we? Now, supposedly this figure is 1/8 scale, and I know that Biribiri isn't exactly a big girl, but this figure is small. But I can forgive this due to the fact that she is on par with the Good Smile level of quality we've all come to expect. She's well-detailed, shaded well with definition and details in the right places. She's got a really cool (static) pose and the expression on her face definitely reflects her personality from the anime/manga.
Even in the closeups I did, I couldn't find seams or mistakes - Misaka is well-crafted. She also comes with an extra arm that can hold the "iron sand sword" that is included. (Apparently this is in the anime, I have yet to see this episode, I've only seen a few eps of Railgun so far)

Octopus is one of Nintendo's earlier Game & Watches. Part of the Wide Screen Series, it has the same gold body as the other Wide Screen games. This was an eBay purchase, complete with box & instructions. The instructions are in great shape, but the box is beat to hell. (which, I could really care less about, I like the games, I'll take the box/instructions if I can get them, but a game in good shape is always more important to me)

The premise of Octopus is, you're in control of 3 divers (your number of lives) in a boat diving for treasure with a giant octopus (get it?!) in your way. The tentacles of said octopus move back and forth and you have to guide your divers between the ascending & descending tentacles to loot the treasure chest below. You go back and forth, dodging tentacles, getting treasure, heading back to the boat to offload your booty, rinse, repeat. A simplistic game, typical of the early series. (See Also: Ball, Vermin, Fire)

As for the game itself, the condition is pretty good. A scratch here & there, but overall in nice shape.


Lightning Sabre said...

I'm a bit disappointed Biribiri is kinda small, but I'm starting to expect that from Kotobukiya now. Good thing she looks good. Go finish the rest of Railgun, jeez man! XD I definitely fell more in love with Misaka after finishing the whole series!

And nice catch on the Octopus Game & Watch (no pun intended). That's one of the ones my brother used to own. My favourite game too. I scored quite a high score in the GBA version :D

Xine said...

I think Good Smile did a good job on this Misaka fig because she really looks like the one in the anime. She's my fave character from the series but I haven't finished it yet.

I remember my uncle used to own that Octopus Game & Watch too. Ah, the things you find on eBay. ^^ I should have saved those Nintendo stuff that we had before.