Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Nendoroid Strength ねんどろいど ストレングス

Fourth in the series of Black Rock Shooter Nendos, she has fairly unique limbs and the ubiquitous linoleum-floor/chessboard stand.

From the BRS Wiki:
Strength uses mechanized weaponry. Her arms are made up of two huge mechanical arms called "Ogre Arm". She has a robotic tail with a vertebrae-like design that can move freely and her feet are metal stilts. She has a black hood with white flames on it and white ribbons at the base of her tail and knee highs. She has white eyes and short white hair as well.
Unlike in huke's artwork, however, in the OVA, Strength's eyes are hazel (with the circular pattern akin to all "other selves") instead of white. The reason for this change is unknown, but it is very likely done to give a connection point to Yuu, as she is the only other character with hazel eyes and eyes are used as a connection point for "other selves".

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