Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TokyoFlash Japan Kisai Satellite Black and Green Watch 東京フラッシュKisai Satellite腕時計

The Satellite is my first purchase from TokyoFlash Japan, and judging by its quality and overall presentation, the first of many. First, the watch itself is very well-designed and crafted from high quality materials. TokyoFlash's watches are all limited edition, so I can only assume the production batches are small and better controlled quality-wise.

When you press the button on the right side of the watch, it springs to life and flashes the time in 3 separate circles (hour, 10 min intervals, 1 min, yes you have to be able to add, here), seemingly orbiting each other ('satellites', get it?). I wrestled for around 2 weeks with the decision of what color to get, seeing as I want a lot more watches, this watch is $100 and there are 4 variations of this, which all look cool in their own right. There are blue and green LCDs as well as black and white straps, so 4 combinations, and I whittled it down gradually. While blue looks cool, I'm partial to green for "futuristic" things because I feel that green actually looks more futuristic. (However, the blue does look cool, and picking green a lot gets kinda old) And as far as the strap, while white looks cool, I obsess over blemishes, and dirt/scuffs/etc would show up on white very easily. Also black looks more future-y, white looks like you're an art school kid or something, to me anyway, lol. I did like the white, especially since there was a lot of contrast, but ultimately I went with the black + green combo.

Between the hours of 6PM and 12AM, the watch has an animation function that can be turned on and off, and the satellites "orbit" every 15 minutes. The LCD stays off until you press a button (as I mentioned above), as it would drain the battery if it was constantly on. The 'Kisai' logo even lights up ever so slightly when the watch is activated. As I said, overall a very classy presentation. It comes in its own specially-designed box, as well.

The feel of the watch is comfortable, light and the material is of high quality. The screen is recessed into the strap, which is kind of unique, and the actual face seems to be set deep into the smoky acrylic facade. The best part of the whole package, however, is the fact that this watch (and the majority of their newer models, it seems) contains a rechargeable battery that can be charged via an included USB cord.

I stumbled upon TokyoFlash a few years back, actually, presumably when they first came on the scene, but I actually forgot about them soon after (I don't know how) and it was only recently that I restumbled upon their site while I was looking for an alternate retailer to buy a Seahope watch at (as Seahope's site has been "down for revamping" for some time now and they tell you to buy from their Rakuten store, but Rakuten's shipping is kinda confusing and seems expensive). They are an amazing retailer, they ship fast (I got my watch in under 5 days from Singapore - yes, they're TokyoFlash Japan, and are apparently based in both Japan and Singapore) and their contact is fast, too.

Overall, this is a good watch for everyday wear, in my opinion, because I tend to worry about metal faces and straps while I'm working or whatnot. With an acrylic face and a polyurethane strap, it is very easy to forget about potentially damaging this watch.

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