Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MEGAMAN -dot.Strap Collection- Vol.3 ロックマン -ドット・ストラップ-コレクション Vol.3

Type: Rubber keychain/strap. This time around it's the Megaman 2 baddies, but the set is Volume 3. Go fig.

Bummer: Didn't get Crashman in the initial box, but bought him later at auction.

Secret: This set only has one, Wily in "alien" form. Could only find one page that had a photo of it. None at auction over a period of 2 months. Must be super secret.

Verdict: They're characters from Megaman 2, arguably the best original Megaman game. Primary colors, made of thick, sleek material. 8-bit glory in your face.

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