Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kidrobot x Street Fighter: World Warriors, Fight!

Kidrobot produced a line of Street Fighter 2 3 inch figures last year around June, and a month or so ago this year they had mercy on those of us who are (semi) completionists. The chase figures were of course the 4 boss characters from SF2, and I did buy an original Sagat for about $30 last year when these came out. However, Balrog seemed to be elusive, because I didn't see many auctions for him, but his price hovered around $30, too. Vega usually went for like $45, and Bison was the rarest, being 1/80, and taking $300 or so early on. So naturally, not being insane, I didn't even think of getting Bison. The mercy I speak of is that not only did Kidrobot un-blindbox the 4 chases, but they sold em with another "challenger" (ie - surplus figures from the first batch) behind a cleverly rebranded blind box. The only catch is that all 4 bosses are now in their 2P duds. So if you don't mind that, they can be had for roughly $18 per 2-pack. I got mine on Amazon because, well, I have an Amazon store card, lol.

This makes my World Warrior collection almost complete! At least until series 2 comes out. Still need Chun Li, holding out till I find one super cheap on eBay. I really don't plan on getting the 1P versions of Bison, Vega and Balrog, because the money I'd spend on them are resources that could be spent elsewhere. I might, however, consider grabbing a green Guile to make a complete set of 1P colors of all 8 non-boss types. (Which I did for Blanka, because the blue one didn't look quite right with the rest)

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