Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Animal Crossing Journal: Day 3

Yeah, that's right, day 3. I've been playing for a few days now, and decided that this newest entry is a lot more involved and has a lot more to do in the previous incarnations, so I felt it deserved some entries here. I've played 2 of the entries in the AC series prior to this one, and they were both okay, but the level of customization and the things that New Leaf allows you to do easily beats the ones I've played, thus it kept my interest.

Anyway, visiting my friend's town, I noticed he had a far more diverse and varied selection of animals than I did. I ended up with a lot of rodents and a bird and while most are okay, two in particular got on my nerves. This irritating mouse kept being a real downer, and sent me what looked like a suicide note:

So I decided Greta needed to go. I reported her to town hall, hit her repeatedly with my net, pushed her into pitfall traps I planted nearby, etc, and other things like ignoring her, which I read up on, on GameFAQs. (apparently a lot of people have undesirable residents, there were like 6 different threads devoted to this one matter) It had been several days (I nudged the clock forward a few times) and there wasn't one sign that Greta was leaving. Then, today she ran over to me wanting to talk, and according to yet another post, the Japanese Wiki says that ignoring doesn't work, residents moving out is completely random, etc, so I decided I'd talk to her. Luckily, she told me that she was moving out on the first, FINALLY! Good riddance! My next problem villager is Sheri, this weird fucking grey monkey lookin thing, I just don't like her.

There she is right there, the evil pirate expression on my character's face cracks me up. He's just mid-blink, but it looks like a shifty evil glance.

As I said, most of my residents are cool, but I was hoping to get more of the newer types (according to the Wikia page, there are around 313). Instead, I ended up with a lot of the older, prominent characters from past titles, like Punchy the cat and Alfonso the gator. I did wind up getting a baboon and a weird clown sheep thing who is kinda awesome. Even though I can't really figure out what gender it is. It's named Pietro, but it totally gives off a female vibe. And I don't think it's transgendered, either, seeing as whenever I accidentally faced a dress and pressed A, I was asked if I was thinking of a present for someone.

 Pietro is an awesome neighbor, he even gave me a UFO Catcher to put in my basement gameroom!



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