Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pepsiman Head Change Action Figure ペプシマンヘッドチェンジフィギュア

I was introduced to Pepsiman when I went to Japan in 1996, actually I believe it was on my first day there. We got to the old 1964 Olympic Village, which was then converted into a hostel of sorts after the Olympics were over I guess, and before we got to our rooms, we spent time milling about in the lobby or whatever. And, as with everywhere in Japan, there were vending machines galore. I happened to buy a Pepsi, and in addition to the fact that the cans (at least then, they're el cheapo aluminum now) were made of like steel, they were emblazoned with the art of Pepsiman. I kept the can, but for some reason I ultimately left it behind (probably due to space restrictions, ah the days before 9/11, when it didn't matter that it was liquid, but that it was too heavy, lol), I still have a picture of it somewhere I believe. If you've ever seen the Pepsiman commercials from the late 90s: know that he usually does his commanding hand fizzy action pose and everyone's thirst is quenched by a deluge of Pepsi. (With a Japanese "shwaaaaa", onomatopoeia for fizzzzzz and refresh) That's the premise behind this figure, you squeeze his legs and his hand comes up and his normally-featureless face gets a weird liquid metal-y T1000 mouth. I had a Silverhawks figure just like this in the 80s, of the main badguy, Monstarr.





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