Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sources Of Fun and Frustration in ACNL

Oh I'm a terrible mayor... Ever since discovering that when you send a villager a shirt or dress (I wish they could wear things like pants and accessories) that they sometimes change into it, I make it a point to sometimes send ridiculous designs to them. Especially cranky villagers like Vic the Viking up top there. He's a big, beefy bull with a helmet and horns, so naturally I sent him a pink PJ top to wear. They will also ask for new catchphrases or greetings, and the creative liberty I put into this generally ends up with funnier results than cramming them into clown costumes, as evidenced by my koala resident's new catchphrase, which I changed from, "chips," to, "I'm drunk!"

I often love the anthropomorphic animal antics of the residents of my tiny hamlet, but sometimes I'll have someone move in that I just don't want there. With 317 or so options for neighbors, why then am I given such chowderheads sometimes? When mailing tires, empty cans and rotten turnips, pushing them into pitfalls and hitting them with my net doesn't work, I usually just ignore them until they say that they're moving away. This had already worked for me in my original town with exactly who I wanted to offload - some obnoxious mouse and some fugly monkey thing - as well as in my new town with a prissy elephant bitch who was there for like 3 days before she told me she was pulling up stakes. Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case when it comes to my current least wanted resident: Bonbon the rabbit. Her personality isn't really that irritating (she has the same one as one of my favorite villagers in my old town), she just looks crummy. There are basic models for each type of animal in ACNL, but for some reason a lot of the same type of animal look different in terms of quality. I don't know what it is, but I compare it to a child's drawing with crayons versus someone with a set of charcoal and talent. And while I'm certain that the same person didn't make all 300+ characters, I'm sure that lack of talent isn't the reason why some characters look polished, while others look like low-res N64-era mapped faces. Bonbon is a great example of the side that is lacking in detail, while you have a character like Pietro that looks complex... Like he belongs in a 3DS game.




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