Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lunartik SDCC 2013 Exclusive Mys'tea'rious and Plum Bubble Tea

I believe I've featured UK-based Matt Jones' Lunartik here before, but I've acquired 2 new ones recently. The first is a San Diego Comicon 2013 exclusive version "mystery tea", Mys'tea'rious (get it?!), and the second is from series 2, the Plum Bubble Tea variety.

KidRobot x Street Fighter Series 2: Gen, Charlie and Fei Long



Batman: The Animated Series Kubricks

I somehow missed these... For almost 10 years. These are from 2004 and I only just found out about em this year. There are some Batman Beyond ones, too.


Pokemon Rumble Figures

These are the "domestic" versions sold exclusively at GameStop here in the US, but these were gashapon time, I believe, in Japan. They're NFC (near-field communication) figures that can be used to put the pokemon figure you hold, into the Wii U game of the same name. I bought them just for the figures, as I don't own a Wii U, and snapped up a few of the specific ones I want from eBay when I didn't get them from a random dip.

I got Genesect, Bulbasaur, Piplup, Torchic, Victini and blue dude whose name I can't remember and don't care to look up.

Parappa the Rapper Mug

Circa-1998, my favorite gift ever, brought back for me by my cousin from her first trip to Japan.


Zelda Minish Cap Keychain

I got the wrong one, I was supposed to get the one with Link holding the pot in the picture, but got this one instead. It's still awesomely Zelda, however.


10-Doh! 10-Doh! 10-Doh!

It made a certain amount sense to put these Squid Kids Ink 10-Doh! figures on top of the Mario Brothers ? And brick blocks that I affixed to the wall with double-sided mounting tape to make shelves. The blocks are actually really tiny banks that make Mario noises when you put coins in em.

They're all pretty awesome, but I like the ones that mimic real NES cart art the most. Zombey Kong and Momma Brain (as in from Metroid) are fantastic.





Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sket One Ketchup Dunny

I ran across this Dunny from 2010 a long while ago, but every time a new series debuts, I will invariably want several in the set. Usually the common, cheaper ones, but more often than not, also the rarer (read: more expensive on eBay) kind if not the chase figures. So when I started getting into these, I was enamored by more than just this set at the time, thus my forgetting that this oddball beauty existed.

The problem with these when I was originally looking for one, was that people were selling them in sets. There was a mustard one,a relish one, a mayo one, and this one. I forget which is the chase figure, but they'd sell all four for crazygonuts amounts of money like $150. I didn't want mayo, I wanted ketchup. Finally, the other day I was doing a search for the new Dunny Evolution set, and for some reason an auction for this one popped up, and for way less than I'd seen it before.

Aside from being the coolest, my favorite, and the most mysterious condiment, ketchup (that is, the modern one) has been produced and perfected mainly in my hometown, Pittsburgh, by Heinz. That, and I've always loved the Heinz logo/ketchup label.



Japanese Snacks, etc

Got a small load of snacks and junk from J-List today, including the unfortunately-named, yet really yummy Maple flavored Collon.

Jagarico potato sticks (じゃがいも jagaimo means potato, or just plain 芋 imo) in lemon pepper flavor. The regular 'salt flavor' is really Goodall I love lemon pepper seasoning, so I figured I'd try some.

Holoholone Dolce is what the box says, they're supposedly honey apple flavored, so again, I figured I'd give em a whirl.

The Penguin? (Yes, the product has the '?' In the name, because it's supposed to be a Kappa but it sorta looks like a cute penguin) from San-X's Sumikko Gurashi, or "Things Living in the Corner" line. I really wanted a Tonkatsu one (it resembles a hamster, or Diglett from the original Kanto Pokemon series) but alas, it sold out before I was able to grab it. He's a coin pouch, but he'll prolly end up with my other Sanrio/San-X stuff on my non-book bookshelf.

And lastly, a Sasara pen (yeah, I've never heard of em, either) that is a collaborative effort with Lipton, that is scented like tea. There are a bunch, lemon, black, berry, peach, but I went for the OG.