Thursday, February 26, 2009

ebay Oddities...

So today, rather than keep the two games that came with my 360 -- that I'll never, ever play -- I've decided to offload Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Forza Motorsport. These games net between like $7 and $9, so sayeth ebay's wizened item averager. Then I went to post an auction of my copy of Final Fight Guy for SNES. Though rare, I would almost certainly expect two 360 games to outweigh the one SNES game pricewise. So let's say optimistically the 360 games fetch $20, Final Fight still nets $22, which makes me chuckle. Also, browsing through to substantiate the auto-pricer's claim on Guitar Hero for PS2, I found it to be more or less true. Apparently GH1 with the guitar fetches less than without. For GH1 with the guitar you'll get on average $9-14, whereas GH1 sans guitar will get you closer to $20. The only thing I can figure here is that people have wireless guitars now and don't need our old-fashioned 2005 version wired guitars. And also they don't want to pay shipping on a large, awkward package that has contents that are useless to them. Enjoy my random photo posts of Evangelion Clock and God of War PSP. (Not this one)

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