Friday, February 27, 2009

Nendroids 欲しい!

So my Yoko Nendroid is finally on her way, (the preorder info said Feb release, and yeah, second to the last day of February it comes out) and I have two more Nens in the hopper for next month, too! I have to say, SD renditions of our favorite characters don't always necessarily come out all that great, but until the Louise Nendroid -- which even had a poll taken for what she should look like -- I've yet to be disappointed with any of Goodsmile's entire line. The Louise debacle is truly a shame, too, because she is one of my favorite characters, and they managed to eff her up face-wise. It actually seems to me that very few people can make a good sculpt of Louise, SD or not, and that's why I only own two figures of her and only really like one. Bustier version by Alter (surprise, surprise that that's the one I like) and then another version by Cospa in which her face looks almost lopsided. And then there are two versions by Alter releasing in the coming months. One, the "goth punk" version of Louise, looks fantastic. The other in her seifuku is pretty terrific, again except for the face. Her head/face are too wide and the coloring seems a little off, I think they spent too much time on her pantsu.

The two Nendroids I have preordered for March are Hirai Yukio's Pixel Maritan and Itoshiki from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, and they both look like perfect SD versions of themselves (Well I guess Maritan is technically always SD, but...).

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