Wednesday, July 22, 2009

T-Scale Success!

It took a fairly decent amount of time to get the train itself set up, but it was worth it! My tiny T-Scale can do laps without jumping the track, now. I'm not entirely thrilled by the fact that the track wouldn't fit on my bookshelf's top, er, shelf & that I had to put it on the bottom level of one of my Detolfs (Detolves?), but what are you going to do? It was slightly too wide for the bookshelf's shelves to situate it, but it fit perfectly on the Detolf's shelves. I bought the green grass matting to sit the track on, and the Detolf has glass shelves except for the bottom. I thought that the matting looked extremely tacky on the glass shelves, so I wound up sticking the train on the bottom shelf.
The problem with this, though, is visibility. For a train that's only 3mm wide, it's kinda hard to spot it all the way on the floor level of a shelf that's already absolutely packed with PVC figures, Nendoroids and a Real Action Heroes Zero/Lelouch. ><; Perhaps I should get rid of my PC so I can turn my desktop into a model railway, heh. I made a video and took some pics of the train running. Amazingly, the front and rear light up with the JR logo and the rear red lights. They also change when you reverse the direction of the train. The wheels are magnetic and hold the train to the track, which is good for such a small scale (1:450!) of train. The trains come in sets of 4 cars (so far, anyway) the outer two cars contain the working lights, and the inner two contain the cars with the motors. Not exactly what I expected, considering with both real and model trains that I've encountered so far, there's usually one car with all of the power, and that's the locomotive. I don't know if the magnetic attraction in the set of end cars is weak, or the extra "heft" of the motors in the center cars contributes to holding them in place, but the rear car (no matter which one I use) strays off unless it's set just so. The magnetic attraction of the outside sets of wheels on the end cars seems weaker, and it's difficult to set them into the track manually and have them stay. When you're working with materials that are that small, though, it's difficult to get such tiny parts to work in concert with one another. I got it working, miraculously, after about 2 hours of tweaking but who knows if a slammed door or something heavy (like my foot) coming down onto the floor will knock it off track. =P
These pics are preliminary, as I was just trying to get the train itself working. I plan on decorating with the people I bought, and also plan to perhaps buy a few buildings/trees/other elements to add soon.

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