Friday, July 10, 2009

Talking Mameshiba Keychain

Today I received a little slice of chara-goods heaven in the post. I got a tiny, talking Mameshiba from Strapya World. I love the "Mugen" series of toys/keychains that started with Mugen Puchi Puchi, the electronic endless bubble wrap, and continued with Mugen Peri Peri (that strip you open a boxtop/package with), Mugen Poptop that just debuted and the Mugen Edamame which simulated popping peas out of a pod, and where Mameshiba became popular.

Then there were the commercials starring Mameshiba:

And finally there's my Oshaberi (Talking) Mameshiba. Apparently Strapya makes their own products under the label "Strapya Next", which is who this was made by. And I got a cool little note from SYW that made me smile, that I've also posted. I made a video of the little guy and his 5 different sayings, and posted it on Youtube.


Lightning Sabre said...

LoL that's damn cute XD I wonder if they used Rie Kugimiya again for that one.

Argyle Bolivar said...

LOL at Mugen Beer XD =3
niice vids ^^