Sunday, October 04, 2009

GoodSmile Saber Lily

I'm sure everyone that owns a blog that contains anything about anime/figures has reviewed her and taken 8000 pictures, so I won't bore you. I just had the camera out to take pics for my previous article on The Big O and figured I'd take a few snaps of my own Saber Lily. I was especially impressed by the box she came in, it was huge and ornate. I initially wasn't even going to buy her because of the really bad yen -> dollar exchange rate, putting her up over $100 at one point. But when pre-orders reopened 2-3 weeks before her release, on Hobby Search, I couldn't resist picking her up. My only real gripe is that my particular Saber's antenna had a little "chip" taken out of it revealing a black spot underneath (though it's barely noticeable).

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GunStray said...

Hahah, thats quite a beauty you got there^^