Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pajama Poogie

I got a *massive* amount of phatty lewts yesterday, and what better item to start with than the huge, adorable Poogie plush from Monster Hunter. Apparently he's a prize item, but his quality is amazing, from his soft pajamas to his fluffy little ears. I'm really happy with everything I got in this "batch" (as you'll see in the coming days ^^) but I was pleasantly surprised at how big and cute piggy was. He's called Poogie in the North American version of the game, and this spelling might be more palatable to American audiences than the direct transliteration of Puugi, but in katakana I like it a lot better than both Rooma-ji renderings: プ-ギ.

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GunStray said...

X3 Poogie!