Monday, August 02, 2010

Strike Witches Francesca Lucchini Nendoroid

I ordered her on the spur of the moment because I really like the Strike Witches girls & I really love Nendos! (Also, I didn't want to decide to get her down the road & have to get her through proxy bidding & pay fees & have her marked up to 4500-5000yen or something)
I was exceptionally pleased with her because she came with a very unique stand & option parts (far better than the generic stand that comes with most Nendos that doesn't even hold them up properly due to their giant heads & tiny bodies) She comes with 2 tails, a gun, airplane leg parts, etc.
Initially, I didn't like her very much because the face that they took the advertising or "teaser" shot with, wasn't so hot looking. But when I was browsing stuff after she was released, I noticed her other 2 faces were really cute. Also, they snapped the ad pic with her regular legs, so she looked like any other Nendo if you were just browsing items on a search page or something. Also, I guess because she's Italian or whatever, she has a weird skin tone, which is fine with the 2 other faces, but with her "main face", she just looked strange. (Yeah I'm a Nendo "racist", lmao)
But yeah, I've definitely been charmed by her, and the pose that I've taken these shots in, I really enjoy. She looks really chibi with the legs installed. ^^

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Anonymous said...

Do you have to use that face with the cat ears? Or can you switch the cuter faces with the cat ears?