Sunday, January 22, 2012

Animal Crossing Museum Playset どうぶつの森博物館

Finally got pretty much the only remaining Animal Crossing playset that I'm actually interested in: the museum. I got the enhanced Conbini that was only available as a mail-in prize in Japan as well as the shrine and 2-story house. There are still a few citizen animals as well as a few furniture elements I want, as well as Kappei and the rowboat, but these seem to be getting more and more scarce on Yahoo Japan Auctions these days. That's why I was so surprised that I got this for only 370yen.

It comes with a "Hooter" figure, naturally because he's the curator of the museum. Like the other sets, it sits on a grass plate and has dividers for all of the sections: fish, fossils, art and bugs. It's pretty simplistic, being built like a larger version of one of the homes; in that it is empty inside until furnished. No fixtures to speak of, but that's the fun of these, isn't it?

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