Sunday, January 22, 2012

Playstation History Collection Gashapon プレイステーションヒストリーコレクションガシャポン


Just the other day, by way of HLJ (no rhyming intended) I got these awesome little gashapon 1/6 replicas of the "Playstation History". There are 6 in the set (I got 8 capsules in 1 box and only got 5 of the 6, but the small paper inserts assert that 2 models are secrets, so I'm guessing each box only contains 1 secret model) and each comes with a different set of peripherals as well as a game and its case. For being so small, they're ridiculously detailed, with accurately painted buttons as well as miniscule memory cards and Pocketstations. Each peripheral can be plugged into the PS itself and each PS has a tiny disc and case with included labels that can be applied. The Playstations' lids open as well and the games can actually be inserted! The only thing missing is the ability to actually play them on a TV.

The PS consoles themselves are represented through 6 different models in this set (though there aren't any physical differences between the gray models, the paper that they come with lists them as different models), and like I said, there are 6 sets overall:

  • SCPH-1000 with the original gray controller, gray memory card and Arc the Lad
  • SCPH-7000 with Emerald Dual Shock and memory card and Parappa The Rapper
  • SCPH-9000 with gray Dual Shock, Clear Pocketstation and IQ ~ Intelligent Qube
  • PSOne with white Dual Shock, white Pocketstation, portable screen and Doko Demo Issho
  • Black Playstation - Net Yarouze with software disc
  • Blue Playstation - this is the dev kit/debug model

I got all but the blue model, which seems to be the rarest of all, but fret not! I managed to find it for sale by itself on eBay for $14, which is slightly less than I paid for the entire box of 8, so, yeah... But I'm a completionist. What a curse.

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