Monday, January 23, 2012

San-X Wanroom Gashapon サン・エックスワンルームいろんなガシャポン

I think we've established that I love Gashapon toys by now. As much as I love 1/8 figures and such, I adore the small, the tiny, the detailed. And these are great examples of why I love them as much as I do.

Wanroom is a San-X creation which is a pun on "one room (living)". 'Wan' is onomatopoeia for a dog barking in Japanese, so Wanroom naturally lends itself to anthropomorphizing furniture into having dog characteristics.

Anyway, set 1 is comprised of household appliances that all have gimmicks (and cute dog faces prominently displayed):
  • Wan-channel/ワンチャンネル is a TV whose face flips/changes
  • Wan-range/ワンレンジ is a microwave with a rotating piece of meat inside
  • Wan-nabe/ワンナベ is a pot with multicolored beads inside that pop like pop-o-matic Trouble when pushed
  • Wan-toaster/ワントースター is a toaster with bread that pops up, that also has a face on it
  • Inu-sofa/イヌソファー is the least interesting of the bunch, in that it has a "wan-cushion" attached by a cord

As for set 2, they're just molded plastic, but most come inside of a tiny, tiny moving box with printing and even a tiny seal on it! And of course, the obligatory dog face:
  • Wan-o'clock/ワンオクロック (get it?!)
  • Wan-cushion/ワンクッション
  • Wanguru-bed/ワングルベッド (couldn't really figure this one out. "Single bed"? "Jungle bed"? "Trundle bed"?)
  • Wan-light/ワンライト
  • Wan-chest/ワンチェスト
  • Wan-tissue/ワンティッシュ
  • Wan-toaster/ワントースター makes a 2nd appearance
  • Wan-combo/ワンコンボ (stereo system)

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