Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Konata and Kagami Wonfes Nendroid Awesomeness

Finally unboxed both my Kona-chan and Kagamin Nendroids and Yoko today. Konata is a-dorable cosplaying as Saber, and Kagami makes a good Rin. ^^ Goodsmile, you make me extremely happy. I love the attention to detail in the face and hair of both figures, but also how they retained both Konata and Kagami's respective hairstyles, fitting them within Saber and Rin's. 超可愛いね!

Yoko, too, is very awesome. Her coloring is dead on, her boots are well-sculpted, and she comes with a 大グッレン団 logo-emblazoned display stand. Her rifle doesn't sit against her hand that well, but I'll live. Her, ahem, features are well-displayed, too. Her Yokoppais are shown off really well, and her tiny shorts leave little to the imagination. All-in-all a great pair of purchases. Eyecandy below:

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Anonymous said...

I didnt know there was a set of Konota and Kagami cosplaying as Saber and Rin. Are they petit or full size nendoroids btw?
Very cute either way.