Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Upcoming Preorders of Interest

I've had a little break in the action, and foresee more breaks in the action as far as buying stuff, with school needing to come into the picture soon and everything. I do however have a few preorders coming up in the next month or so, all via Hobby Search.

First we have Figma Tsukasa, since I got Konata I wanted to get the whole set, being the completionist that I am. ^^;

Next, we have Lala, from To Love Ru, in her school uniform from Alpha Omega. I've never even heard of them until this figure came to my attention, so we'll see how their quality is. To be honest, she kinda looks like she's produced in line with quality you'd expect from Goodsmile or Alter.

Lastly, we have a Kamina shirt from Gurren Lagann, releasing with a whole bunch of other merchandise to tie in with the upcoming movie. There are jackets and sandals and pass cases and keychains and oh so much more.

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