Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fortune strikes! HLJ Reopens Preorders for Queen's Gate Alice

I discovered the MegaHouse version of Alice from the Queen's Gate series of pen and paper RPGs a little too late, this month as a matter of fact. Alas, the preorders for her were closed and I was not meant to have one, at least from sources that shipped domestically. I then read at Foo-bar-baz that preorders had reopened in Japan, so naturally I assumed they had in exporting companies as well. Hobby Search has not, as of now, reopened them but Hobbylink Japan has, so I jumped on it right away. There is a review of her on AkibaHobby with plenty of eyecandy abounding. She's supposedly out around the 31st, so I'm anxiously awaiting the message that my item has been shipped. ^^; Pictures courtesy of AkibaHobby, as well.

UPDATE: So apparently HLJ has bobbled my preorder and isn't sure if they can fulfill it or not. I say boo @ HLJ. Hopefully I get my preorder, or it's off to scour YHJ Auctions again.

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