Friday, April 08, 2011

Disgaea 4 Trading Figures 魔界戦記ディスガイア4 トレーディングフィギュア

These were the surprise of the month. I had preordered these a long, long time ago on AmiAmi, and when they showed up as "released" on the front page, I decided to see what the pics of the non-prototype figures looked like. Well, they looked kinda, "off", I guess. I was suddenly regretting POing these, and there's no cancellation, so I guess I was gonna be stuck with a box of 200yen-Gashapon-looking trading figs. I was even contemplating not opening them and just offloading em on ebay at one point. I love Disgaea, but the difference between the initial pics and the updated post-release pics just looked so night and day.

So when I finally got them in hand, luckily I was overcome with the fervor of getting a small casket-sized box of goodies wrapped in shiny packaging that I decided to give em a go after all. And boy was I shocked. Not only did they look better than the post-production pics on AA's site, they looked even better than the prototypes! For trading figures they're done superbly, painted well, and most of all, I LOVE their bases. Why, you ask? These are done the way that the Kotobukiya Hetalia One Coin sets should have been done. They have metal bases and magnets in the figures' feet! Genius! So instead of having to awkwardly position a magnet in the character's head on a pole to pose them, or pose plastic-on-plastic on a base, these affix firmly onto their bases. It's magnificent (and awesome to one such as me who has horrible OCD when it comes to posing delicate things like figures. If you've ever wonder why everything in my room pics looks so well-placed and organized, well, there you go.) Magnets should be the direction all of the future Nendos should go, too! Heh.

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