Friday, April 08, 2011

Yume Nikki Strap Collection ゆめにっきストラップコレ

Yume Nikki is an indie game for the PC created in 2005 by Japanese developer Kikiyama using RPG Maker. You play as a female hikikomori, Madotsuki (窓付き). You start in her apartment and can only explore the one room while you are awake. There is a TV with a test pattern on it, you can save the game at her desk, look out the window and there is a terrible minigame called NASU (eggplant) in her Famicom-like gaming system. Once you fall asleep, however, you can enter any number of doors that take you to different places.

The game itself is very strange, and though made with RPG Maker, it's really not an RPG in the traditional sense. There are no real goals, you can't talk to most NPCs and no real battles to speak of. The objective is to collect the 25 different "effects" (such as a bike or knife, as seen in these straps) hidden around Madotsuki's dreamscapes. It's a quirky game and I really like the absurdity mixed with the 8-bit (16-bit if you'd like) Mother/Earthbound-like graphics, but I never really expected it to have any merch, so when I saw these like (oddly enough) 3 weeks after I discovered the game, I pre-ordered them right away.

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