Friday, April 22, 2011

Strapya Loot ④ of 5 今月のストラップヤ荷物第④

The other large, or semi-large order of the lot. Got a sepia-toned Snoopy mini-plush as well as a bunch of Kitty straps. Three are Kitty as zodiac animals, and two are paper lantern-looking keychains with tassels. The big part of this shipment was the Kiki's Delivery Service "Ayatsuri Orgel", which is a music box that, when wound up, plays music as well as moves the figures in the jar like mechanical puppets ('ayatsuru' means to control something). This combines my love of cats and small mechanical toys/items. It plays the ending song to the movie when wound, which you can hear in the video in this post. ^^

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