Friday, April 08, 2011

Griffon Enterprises Touhou Project 1/8 Suika Ibuki 1/8 小さな百鬼夜行 伊吹 萃香

I'm amazed that she's sold out already, considering her price tag and the exchange rate of most countries' currencies with the yen. It's not that I'm not impressed with her, she is magnificently sculpted and well-detailed as all Griffon Enterprises releases are, but for her size, she is expensive! By comparison, I got the "special edition" Flandre Scarlet complete with her Gungnir special move in full effect for about 1000 more yen. (It might be useful to note here that Flandre is 1/7 scale)

I'm impressed with my thus-far-received items for this month, sometimes I find little flaws in stuff I get or they don't match up completely to the prototype photos posted (yeah yeah, I know, how can I expect them to completely meet the quality of the prototype), but it seems like the stuff I just got either matches up with or surpasses the expected level of quality.

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